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2016-10-28 07:15


Have an e-commerce business with zero cost! Be your own Boss! DCONLINE welcomes entrepreneurs and merchants to join us!

DCONLINE, South Africa's first wholesale e-commerce platform for Chinese goods. Zero cost to have your own e-commerce business!

Join DCONLINE now and easily get a huge return on your investment!

DCONLINE is committed to developing the South African e-commerce market, We aim to help entrepreneurs, merchants and brands to enter the South African market.

As long as you have the goods or dropship with us, whether in China or South Africa, DCONLINE will assist you to implement the product launch, management, marketing and promotion, branding and design, as well as warehousing and settlement.

Instant online shopping, instant deal, secure payment, fast delivery and shipping!

Grow your business instantly! Shoot the lights out on your profits!

Service Advantages

Professional operation team

With an abundant experience and unique business skills, we can help you realize your dream to have a profitable online business.

Fast logistics service

Provide professional logistics service channels to ensure faster and safer delivery of goods without any hassles to customers and ensure that orders are delivered, providing door-to-door service to our honored customers.

Reliable storage agent

Provide local storage services in South Africa. Whether you are in South Africa or anywhere in the world, we will fulfill the storage of goods and handle the warehousing facility.

Secure capital settlement

The third-party payment guarantee functions will ensure the flow of funds of merchants and settle them regularly to make online services more secure and reliable.

An Overall E-Commerce Eco-System:

1. Branding

Help your brand penetrate into the South African market with ease and reliable, establish brand special advantages in a short time, and carry out online sales;

2. Advertising

The gold advertising space on the front page of the platform is free to expose the products, it helps to increase the exposure rate and brand awareness of the platform.

3. Exploiting of Channels

To diversify the sales channels, expand the scope of business and online market to facilitate transactions;

4. Customer Service

Dedicated online customer service, providing customers with procurement solutions and online consulting services;

5. Digital Marketing

Providing customer demand data, targeting customer development, researching customer demand and supply which will then increase sales more accurately;

6. On-line Management Service

To provide professional product image with latest photography methods, information editing, store shelves and other online management services, so that merchants can save more time and money;

7. Warehouse Management

With our excellent stock inventory management services, we provide safe and secure warehousing and fulfilment services to provide an easy solution to your storage problems in South Africa;

8. Logistics Service

Professional logistics channels to ensure faster and safer goods transportation, and ensure that orders arrive in timely manner and intact;

9. Third-Party Guaranteed Payment

The stable network platform system provides third-party payment guarantee function to make online services more secure and reliable;

10. Cross-Currency Settlement

Help merchant business settlement "dealing out" -- or into South Africa with cross-border settlement business agent making the settlement issue convenient and a simple process;

11. IT Service

Providing state of art top notch IT services to businesses in South Africa and throughout Africa;

12. E-commerce Consultancy

To provide professional and relevant investment consulting services to help merchants to carry out the business smoothly.

DCONLINE is a strong driving force for business development in the Internet era! It is the optimal choice of diversified business model!

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Contact Us:
South Africa: 074 265 9782 (Whatsapp service) / 010 110 7599 (English service) 
/ 020-28104321 (China Service)

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